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Ozone is a POWERFUL way to improve the body’s ability to oxygenate.

Oxygen improves our circulatory system, boosts the strength of our immune system and is a powerful antimicrobial, helping treating everything from the COMMON COLD to VASCULAR DISEASE to LYME DISEASE.

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As we age, we are not able to utilize oxygen as easily for making energy and repairing our bodies, leading to degeneration that is ultimately labeled as a “disease”.

So wouldn’t it be great if we could help the body utilize oxygen more efficiently, to SLOW DOWN degeneration and aging, maybe even REVERSE DISEASE?

Ozone is particularly good for treating AUTOIMMUNE conditions, because it helps strengthen the immune system and helps to “kill” the underlying hidden infection, often responsible for causing the so-called “auto-attack” on our body by our well-meaning immune system.

It is also a wonderful ADJUVANT TREATMENT for patients needing surgery and/or cancer treatments, being shown to help speed up healing time and reduce some of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

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