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Peptides can impact and improve the health of your immune system, muscle, skin, hair, tendons and other tissues high in collagen. Many have anti-inflammatory properties that increase the body’s ability to heal naturally.

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What are peptides and why should I use them to enhance my health?

  • Peptides are a type of pharmaceutical compounded medication that can also be found in some nutrient supplements and skin care products.
  • They are defined as a sequence of amino acids smaller than, but similar to proteins, and like hormones they serve as the body’s natural signaling molecules from one tissue to another through the blood circulation.
  • When peptides are administered into the body, they can mimic existing peptides or replace them similar to hormone replacement therapy, allowing a diseased or injured body to respond and heal in a natural way.
  • Others can enhance your hormonal balance, sexual function and even help your body secrete more Human Growth Hormone when levels are deficient, improving deep sleep and slowing down the progression of age - and stress-related degenerative conditions.
  • Most peptides are administered subcutaneously, but some are taken orally, topically or even injected into joints and tendons.