integrative Functional Medicine

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Integrative Medicine (IM) is healing-oriented medicine that takes the whole person into account, including all aspects of lifestyle. Integrative medicine has a larger meaning and mission, its focus being on health, healing and prevention of disease rather than solely focused on treatment of disease. It views patients as a whole, with minds and spirits as well as bodies and includes these dimensions into diagnosis and treatment. It involves patients and doctors working to maintain health by paying attention to lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, stress levels, quality of rest and sleep.

It emphasizes the therapeutic partnership between practitioner and patient, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapies by selectively incorporating elements of complementary and alternative medicine into comprehensive treatment plans alongside solidly orthodox methods of diagnosis and treatment.
Integrative medicine is not simply a synonym for complementary medicine. Complementary medicine refers to treatments that may be used as adjuncts to conventional treatment and are not usually taught in medical schools.

Conventional medicine has become more and more dependent on expensive technological solutions to health problems, even when sometimes not particularly effective. In its enthusiasm for technology, it has turned its back on holism and simple methods of intervention, such as dietary adjustment and relaxation training, which are prominent in integrative medicine treatment plans, and are often very effective.

Most patients turn to integrative medicine out of frustration, often after seeing many conventional physicians, including specialists, without answers for their illness nor any significant improvements in their health with conventional interventions. Other patients seek integrative care who are interested in staying well and preventing illness, so they can optimize their already robust health. Research shows that the consultation process and holistic approach adopted by integrative medicine practitioners make patients feel more in control of their health.

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