Micronutrient Testing

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Micronutrients, especially minerals, are foundational to our health down to the cellular level. Without adequate and properly balanced minerals our biochemistry can go awry impacting our ability to make energy, digest our food into usable components, and support healthy metabolism and immune system function though properly functioning thyroid and adrenal glands. Looking at minerals though blood work alone only gives a small sample of the circulating levels of minerals in the serum and not the larger picture of intracellular levels.

For this reason, we recommend HTMA to check the intracellular levels as the our Gold Standard in defining possible deficiencies and imbalances. We use Trace Elements Labs (add website link for Educational info) which has been around for nearly 40 years and has processed over 1.5 million samples in order to analyze trends and see patterns that can impact our health on a hormonal and metabolic level if not corrected.