Mycotoxin Testing

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Mycotoxins are toxic chemicals that are found in mold. Molds, or fungi, naturally produce these molecules. Although this process is natural, these chemicals can be very dangerous. People can suffer from difficult health issues after they come into contact with some of them.  Allergies, chronic sinus and lung diseases, headaches, chronic kidney disease and mental health struggles can all arise from mold exposure and mycotoxins.  Mycotoxins can also contribute to immune system abnormalities making certain cancers easier to develop in our bodies.  

Getting tested for mycotoxins can help you determine whether you have mold toxicity in your body. This is a great way to test whether the harmful antigens in the mold are negatively impacting your health. This test can help formulate treatment protocols to help eradicate mold from your body, the sinuses, airways and GI tract being the most common place for mold to grow.  

Treating mold and reducing a high mycotoxin burden may improve your symptoms and allow you to regain your health and prevent you from developing more serious mold-related health conditions such as chronic kidney disease and certain cancers.